Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry  – These are grouped geographically within the park divisions, instead of chronologically.

Blog Posts regarding Harpers Ferry:

School House Ridge (Part 1) (Part 2)

Loudoun Heights

Maryland Heights:


Naval Battery

Six Gun Battery

100-pdr Battery and Mortar Battery

Stone Fort with Interior and Exterior Forts

Maryland Heights before the Antietam Campaign

Fortifications Strengthened in 1863

Final Notes on Maryland Heights (1864-5)

4 thoughts on “Harpers Ferry

    1. James, sorry for the belated reply. If you are looking for period photographs of the fortifications, my searches thus far have drawn blanks. But surely with as many photos which exist of wartime Harpers Ferry, there are at least a few out there.

    2. James,

      The library at HF has many photographs and might have something for Ft. Duncan. You may schedule a visit there usually only on a Tues or Thurs by making an appointment. It would also help if you told the librarian for what you are looking.

      If you wish I can give you contact info.


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