The Gettysburg Battlefield is the most thoroughly “commemorated” field in the United States, if not the world.  Even a basic list of memorials, monuments, position markers, and interpretive markers will exceed 1000 items.  The inclusion of flank markers might push that number over 2000.  And this does not count various interpretive markers outside Gettysburg proper which detail the larger campaign.

With such a large sampling of items deserving note, and such a complex story to tell, I felt it best to break out sub-pages under this placeholder page to present different types of groupings.  Some readers might wish to see the entries based on geographical locations.  Others might wish to browse through a Brigade or Division’s monuments.  And of course it makes sense to also provide groupings related to phases of the battle and larger campaign.  My initial attempt here is to present those groupings in Order of Battle Pages and a “Place Name” page.  Follow on pages will provide groupings for the “outside Gettysburg” markers to support the events leading up to the battle and following the retreat route.   And if it can be cleanly presented, a “markers by phase of battle” page.

That said, the pages, as a work in progress are:

The Gettysburg Campaign – Advance

Army of the Potomac Crosses at Edwards Ferry

Battlefield by tour stops and landmarks.

Federal Order of Battle.  (In Progress)

Confederate Order of Battle.

Battlefield Monuments by State.

The Retreat from Gettysburg

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