Antietam Markers

Links to groupings of marker, monument, and tablet entries in Historical Marker Database for the Antietam Campaign and Battlefield. Each set has a link to the list of related entries and a link to those entries interfaced to the map. This listing is mostly complete, with a handful of “missing” tablets to add when more information is forthcoming.

War Department Tablets and Signs: (List) (Map… well 230+ markers maxes out the map function! These are displayed in 100 marker increments)

Maryland Campaign Markers Outside the Battlefield:

  • Crossing the Potomac (List) (Map)
  • Sugarloaf Mountain, Cavalry Skirmishes, and Frederick, MD (List) (Map)
  • Crampton’s Gap (List) (Map) (Nearly 30 markers cover this battle)
  • Fox’s and Turner’s Gaps (List) (Map)
  • Harpers Ferry (These groups include some post-Antietam sites)
  • Washington County, MD outside the Battlefield (List) (Map)
  • West Virginia (List) (Map)

Battlefield Geographical Groupings:

Federal Corps and Divisions:

  • I Corps(one tablet)
    • I Corps, 1st Division (Doubleday’s) (List) (Map)
    • I Corps, 2nd Division (Ricketts’) (List) (Map)
    • I Corps, 3rd Division (Meade’s) (List) (Map)
  • II Corps (map)
    • II Corps, 1st Division (Richardson’s) (List) (Map)
    • II Corps, 2nd Division (Sedgwick’s) (List) (Map)
    • II Corps, 3rd Division (French’s) (List) (Map)
  • V Corps(one tablet)
    • V Corps with 1st and 3rd Division and Corps Artillery (List) (Map)
    • V Corps, 2nd Division (Sykes’) (List) (Map)
  • VI Corps (map)
    • VI Corps, 1st Division (Slocum’s) (List) (Map) Starts at Crampton’s Gap
    • VI Corps, 2nd Division (Smith’s) (List) (Map)
  • IX Corps (map)
    • IX Corps, 1st Division (Willcox’s) (List) (Map)
    • IX Corps, 2nd Division (Sturgis’s) (List) (Map)
    • IX Corps, 3rd Division (Rodman’s) (List) (Map)
    • IX Corps, Kanawha Division (Cox’s) (List) (Map)
  • XII Corps (map)
    • XII Corps, 1st Division (Williams’) (List) (Map)
    • XII Corps, 2nd Division (Greene’s) (List) (Map)
  • Cavalry Division (List) (Map)

Confederate Divisions:

  • Ewell’s Division (List) (Map)
  • A.P. Hill’s Division (List) (Map)
  • D.H. Hill’s Division (List) (Map)
  • Jackson’s (J.R. Jones’) Division (List) (Map)
  • Anderson’s Division (List) (Map) (A scant two, with additional tablets missing)
  • Hood’s Division (List) (Map)
  • D.R. Jones’ Division (List) (Map)
  • McLaws’ Division (List) (Map)
  • Walker’s Division (List) (Map)
  • Stuart’s Cavalry Division (List) (Map)

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6 thoughts on “Antietam Markers

  1. My family recently visited antietam battlefield and saw numerous tubes that appeared on the fields. what do they signify?

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