8 thoughts on “Dahlgren Boat Howitzers

  1. Is there any accounting of where the Dahlgren Howitzer Cannon(rifles) now reside? I witnessed a fine example of a Dahlgren Howitzer at Memorial services in a small community in southeast Kansas. It has J.A.D. stamped on the gun as well as U.S. N.Y. WASHINGTON . Is there a way to better trace it’s origins and disposition?
    Thank you

    1. Gary, I gather you are looking for a service history of that particular weapon. In some cases, yes the story of the gun is documented through surviving inventory documentation. The registry numbers provide the key to match with the documents. However, in the case of the gun in question, I don’t know anything of its past.

  2. About 9 years late to the party but there are two Dahlgren Boat Howitzers located on the SUNY Maritime College campus at Fort Schuyler in New York. I believe one is a medium and the other is a light howitzer. They are still used by the school’s Artillery Club, at school events and re-enactments. It is believed that one of the guns was issued to the Fort and may have been used in the NY draft riots.

    I have a picture of the guns if there is someway to post or if you like a email of the them

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