Rodman Guns

The Rodman Guns are, for all practical purposes, the successors to the columbiad, and for all practical purposes columbiads themselves.  Thomas J. Rodman devised the system to produce these guns just before the war.  Foundries used a hollow-core, water-cooled when casting these guns.  They ranged in size from 8-inch to 20-inch calibers.  Although they served to the eve of the 20th century, these guns scarcely fired a shot in anger.

Early Rodman Experiments:

  • Part 1: Two 8-inch Columbiads in 1849
  • Part 2: Two 8-inch and two 10-inch Columbiads in 1851
  • Part 3:  Two 10-inch Columbiads in 1856
  • Part 4: Two 10-inch Columbiads in 1857
  • Part 5: Two 10-inch “New Columbiads in 1858

How Rodman “sold” his idea

Rodman’s gunpowder experiments

15-inch Rodman Prototype:

Early production 8-inch and 10-inch Rodmans

Standard production or, as I prefer, the 8-inch Rodman, Type II

The 10-inch Rodman Gun

12-inch Rodman Rifle

The experimental 13-inch Rodman Guns

Standard Production 15-inch Rodman guns

15-inch Rodman Guns at Fort Foote, Maryland

Seriously big – the 20-inch Rodman Gun: Part 1 and Part 2

Elevating mechanism for the Rodman Guns

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