Overview of the Columbiad – short history of the type

Columbiad carriage  and elevating mechanism

8-inch Seacoast Howitzers


Projectiles and Peformance

Model 1840 (or 1841)

8-inch Columbiads

8-inch Model 1844 and a Walk-around

8-inch “New Columbiads” or Model 1857

8-inch Columbiads Banded and Rifled by Confederates at Charleston

10-inch Columbiads

10-inch Model 1844

10-inch Model 1844 modified into rifles by Confederates at Charleston:  First Example and Second ExampleTests of these guns.

Confederate Columbiads

Confederate 8-inch “New Columbiads” and “Revised Models” resembling Rodman Guns.

Confederate 10-inch Columbiads

Compared to Rodman Guns

Traced by invoices: Tredegar and Bellona.

10-inch Columbiads recovered in South Carolina

Confederate Rifled Columbiads

Tredegar’s hollow-core guns – cast late in the war

4 thoughts on “Columbiads

  1. Good evening, I would like to know if there is a table of the guns used by the Union and Confederate. For example, the M1839 24-pounder siege gun, was used by the Union, Confederate or from both?
    Thank you

    • For the most part, just a naming convention. Arguably the weapons served the same purpose. Of course, there is a great deal of difference between the weapons in technical terms.

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