Heavy Cannons

Heavy Cannons (Siege and Garrison, Seacoast)

24-PDR Siege Guns

24-pdr Model 1819 and later models

32-Pdr Seacoast guns


Model 1829

A Banded and Rifled Model 1829 used by Confederates, captured at Fort DeRussy, Louisiana

Models 1840 and 1845

Rifled Model 1845

42-pdr Seacoast Guns

Introduction – Comparison of models and discussion of projectiles used

42-pdr Seacoast Gun Model 1831

42-pdr Seacoast Gun Model 1839

42-pdr Seacoast Gun Models 1840 and 1845

Rifled 42-pdr guns – Federal and Confederate

Confederate 42-pdr gun and 42-pdrs confiscated from Bellona Foundry

Siege and Garrison Rifles

4.5-inch Siege (Ordnance) Rifle

4.62-inch Gorgas Rifle

4.62-inch Banded Confederate Rifle

Old English 12-pdr guns banded and rifled by Confederates

Parrott Rifles



Rodman Guns

24-PDR howitzers

24-pdr Siege and Garrison (Flank) Howitzer Model 1844

8-inch Siege & Garrison Howitzers

Model 1841.

Also discussed in relation to the battle of Legareville, S.C., December 25, 1863.

A look at three Model 1841 siege howitzers that served in the Mexican War.

Confederate (Tredegar) production of “rifle” howitzers probably using the Model 1841 form.

Model 1861 with an Up-Close look.

Imported British Heavy Cannons

Blakely 12.75-inch Rifle

Mortars (Separate Page)

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