Speaking Engagements?

The best way to reach me is via the contact form here on the website.  I try to respond within 24 hours to all inquiries.

Topics I’ve spoken on for roundtables or other organizations:

  • Civil War Artillery – most any aspect you may wish to discuss
  • Getting to Gettysburg: The march of the Army of the Potomac through Loudoun in June 1863, including the Edwards Ferry Crossing
  • Battle of Brandy Station
  • The Battle of Belmont
  • The Battle of Island No. 10
  • Reduction of Fort Pulaski
  • The Signal Corps in the Atlanta Campaign
  • Sherman’s March to the Sea – with Emphasis on Fort McAllister
  • Sherman’s Carolinas Campaign
  • The Civil War in the Department of the South (South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida),  in particular:
    • Ironclad Attack of April 7, 1863 and salvage of the USS Keokuk
    • The Morris Island Campaign
    • Siege and reduction of Fort Sumter – story of three great bombardments… and a lot of smaller ones!
    • The long siege of Charleston
    • July 1864 … and Foster’s demonstration that almost captured Charleston.
    • The Civil War along the Georgia Coast
    • Raids along the Georgia coast in the summer of 1864
    • Potter’s Raid out of Georgetown, SC in 1865
  • 1864 Winter Encampment of the Army of the Potomac – particularly the signal operations
  • Price’s 1864 Raid into Missouri
  • The Battle of Pea Ridge
  • Naval battles of Memphis and Plum Point Bend
  • Marmaduke’s 1863 Raid into Missouri
  • The 1st South Carolina Volunteers – USCT before there were USCT
  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) during the Civil War

Battlefield Tours – As I am local to Virginia, the eastern battlefields are easier logistically.  I have given tours for groups small and large at 1st Manassas, Brandy Station, Edwards Ferry (Gettysburg Campaign), and Kelly’s Ford.  Outside of that, if you are looking for a guide to cover aspects of the war around Charleston or Savannah, I am certain we can work something out. Anything to spread the good story of these important events from our history!