Zooming with Civil War Talks on January 12

Hope this finds everyone in good holiday cheer.

Looking a couple weeks into the new year, the folks at Civil War Talk have invited me to speak for their January 12 meeting. If you are not familiar, Civil War Talk is a lively and well moderated discussion board. They’ve been around since 1999. And at over 2 million messages and over 100,000 threads, there’s something for everyone there. You’ll find discussion threads leading to every conceivable corner of Civil War study.

About the event. Here’s a link to the details and how to register for the Zoom meeting. Please note, you don’t need to be a member of Civil War Talk to attend. But you’ll need to register in advance to receive the link and such to the Zoom meeting.

The topic of my talk is Civil War field artillery tactics. And when I refer to tactics here, more thinking about how commanders would employ artillery and use the arm for the gain of their objectives. Under the context of those times, tactics included disciplines that today we would call “drill” or “maneuvers.” Yet, most often when we get down to study of the battles, our questions are not so much how they wheeled a battery into line or such… but rather the inevitable, “Why were the guns placed here?” Such will be my focus on the 12th.

And no discussion of such tactics, in that context, can take place without mentioning the technological evolutions that influenced the thinking of the men placing the guns. So we will delve into the “ying and yang” of tactics and technology. The former creating requirements towards advancing the latter. And the latter forcing alterations of the former.

Hope to see you there, virtually!

Published by Craig Swain

"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

One thought on “Zooming with Civil War Talks on January 12

  1. Craig: I just wanted to thank you for your clear and concise answer to my question last night (Apr 6) re the muzzle swells on Napoleon cannon during your presentation on CIvil War Talk. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it added immensely to my appreciation of CW artillery..redlegs rule!!!!..Artillery…the King of the Battlefield!!!! YHOS Scott A Adrian

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