Getting to Gettysburg WebEx Event

Join us on Friday for a discussion of Loudoun in the Gettysburg Campaign

Getting to Gettysburg with Craig Swain

Friday, July 10, 2020  6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

In June 1863, the Union Army traveled northward through Loudoun County on its way to Gettysburg to face the Confederate troops in what would become the biggest battle ever fought in North America. Historian Craig Swain will discuss how the Union Army’s stay in Loudoun helped shape that battle and the local waypoints that still mark the journey. Use this link to watch a live of the program. The link will become active beginning at the start time listed for this program. Event password: LCPLNote that you may have to download WebEx or a temporary WexEx application to activate the link.

Link to Event Details

We originally scheduled this as an “in person” talk at one of our local pubs, part of the History & Hops program series. But the bars were closed on the anniversary date (June 27). And even now seating is limited for indoor events. So we’ve moved this to an online event, using WebEx.

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