Virtual Roundtable Meetings – TtSotGs Videos

Like many groups, the Loudoun County Civil War Roundtable’s schedule was disrupted by the response to COVID-19. With face-to-face meetings cancelled through July, we instead turned to virtual meetings as a way to continue our discussions of the Civil War. Nothing fancy to date… and no we haven’t zoomed to Zoom as others have… yet. But we have posted several presentations (by your humble scribe) as alternatives to the normal meetings. One advantage from the start is, with reduced logistical requirements, we can do these weekly instead of just monthly.

Thus far we’ve posted three of these. Or more correctly, posted them on To the Sound of the Guns Facebook page, with cross-postings to the roundtable’s Facebook page. Here’s the link, to the videos posted thus far:

To the Sound of the Guns – Videos

Those published thus far include:

Planned/considered topics for future episodes:

  • The Morris Island Campaign, Part 2 (In the can now, so to speak)
  • Siege of Fort Pillow and Naval Battle of Plum Point Bend.
  • Siege and Garrison Artillery – A Premier on the Big Guns

The videos are accessible on Facebook. Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you can view the videos. Just can’t comment in the chat, that’s all.

Hope you enjoy those videos in lieu of formal posts here on the blog. If you have any topic suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments here.

In the meantime as we wait out the pandemic, stay safe and follow good healthy practices. Hope to see you all out on the field when we get to the other side of this all!

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