Need a speaker for your group? Have presentation… will travel

Although a blog is a good place to showcase one’s strong suit, I do a terrible job at self-promotion.  I generally avoid self-pitches, figuring the content should do the loudest speaking on that line.  But, seeing this is the time of year folks are arranging speakers and presenters for Civil War Roundtables and other venues, I’d remind readers of the topics I can cover.

Some of the topics I’ve spoken on in the past:

  • The Battle of Belmont
  • The Battle of Island No. 10
  • Reduction of Fort Pulaski
  • The Signal Corps in the Atlanta Campaign
  • Sherman’s March to the Sea – with Emphasis on Fort McAllister
  • Civil War Artillery – most any aspect you may wish to discuss
  • The march of the Army of the Potomac through Loudoun in June 1863, including the Edwards Ferry Crossing
  • The long siege of Charleston, South Carolina, in particular the campaign on Morris Island in 1863.

Add to that list some of the topics I’ve worked up presentations for in the last five years (which readers have seen as I blogged through the sesquicentennial):

  • Sherman’s Carolinas Campaign
  • 1864 Winter Encampment of the Army of the Potomac – particularly the signal operations
  • Price’s 1864 Raid into Missouri
  • The Battle of Pea Ridge
  • The Civil War along the Georgia Coast
  • Naval battles of Memphis and Plum Run Bend
  • Siege and reduction of Fort Sumter – story of three great bombardments… and a lot of smaller ones!
  • July 1864 … and Foster’s demonstration that almost captured Charleston.
  • Raids along the Georgia coast in the summer of 1864
  • Potter’s Raid out of Georgetown, SC in 1865

Yes, I like to venture onto many lesser-traveled paths.  Many of these topics take us beyond just the raw military history into discussions about political factors and the course of emancipation… more than the standard “steak and potatoes” talks and some spicy fare mixed in.

So if you are looking for a speaker for your group that will offer more than some reiteration of what you alredy know about Gettysburg, put me on your list!

Published by Craig Swain

"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

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