Navigation updates, new menus and pages

Some post-sesquicentennial house-keeping was in order.  So I’ve added several new pages over the last couple of weeks with the aim ease navigation to certain threads I featured during the 150ths.  All the new pages provide logical groupings for posts from January through June of this year.

Under the subject heading of Charleston, there is now a sub-page for the End of the War at Charleston along with a separate page for Potter’s Raid.

More work was needed for Sherman’s March, as that became a daily installment for much of the winter and spring.  Sub-pages there include Savannah to Columbia; Columbia to Fayetteville; Bentonville to Goldsboro; and finally To Bennett Place and War’s EndForgot to add… No, these are not exhaustive, complete treatments of the subject.  If you want the “book” on Sherman’s march, then you’ll be buying several books.  I’ll admit that my blog posts left out a lot of topics that need to be addressed in a complete discussion of the Great March (likewise for Charleston in the war).  I plan to address some of those in the post-sesquicentennial.

For now these pages simply provide a list of links in the order that I’d suggest reading.  Not to say you have to read in that order.  Or to say you have to read at all!  But it would be nice if you click through so as I can trump old Harry Smeltzer on the hit counter.

At some point in the near future, I’ll be tinkering with the blog theme and layout a bit more.  For the non-technical audience, the look, feel, and layout of the blog and pages.  I’ve been on this “Coraline” theme for quite some time.  It is familiar, but getting old in the tooth.  But I promise to avoid some silly, frilly, bubbly new theme that is hard for folks to navigate around.  Sort of a “change is good but not too much change, thank you” update.