Live… 150 years removed from the fall of Richmond

For April 3, 2015, I will be taking in many of the activities and observances offered as we look back 150 years at the Federal occupation of Richmond.  I’ll be active on Twitter throughout the day.  Most of those Tweets will roll over to my Facebook page, if you prefer to view on that social platform.  (Links to both are on the right of this page —->)

Where appropriate, I will stream video by way of Meerkat.  At one point on April 1, I had over 50 people watching a live video from Five Forks.  I’m still exploring options to best use the feature.  And I am concerned about what is appropriate (particularly if attending an event that asked for a registration fee).  Another point is just the “production” of an on the fly video stream as such.  Not like I’m toting around C-Span cameras and such.

At any rate, I hope you are able to follow along.


One thought on “Live… 150 years removed from the fall of Richmond

  1. I didn’t checked my Twitter feed until just recently, so I missed your earlier broadcasts. But I am happy I found it now. Thank you for allowing us to experience the sesquicentennial alongside you!

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