Fort Moultrie honored with a silver coin

This isn’t a Civil War tribute, more so Revolutionary War, but it does involve a Civil War site and one of my favorites.  From the Charleston Post-Courier:

Fort Moultrie to be featured on coin

Sullivan’s Island – Fort Moultrie is about to be made of something richer than any other park in South Carolina. Silver bullion.

An image from the history of the iconic national park at the tip of Charleston harbor will be minted onto quarter coins in 2016. As a bonus, a number of “investment coins” will be minted, three-inch discs of fine silver. Those coins now sell for about $225 each.

Sgt. William Jasper waving the Palmetto flag was picked by a U.S. Mint citizens committee earlier this week. Gary Marks, committee chairman, called it a depiction of an iconic moment in the classic 1776 Revolutionary War victory that immortalized the fort….

The Fort Moultrie coins will be among five national park or site designs issued for 2016 as part of the America the Beautiful series started in 2010. All told, 56 America the Beautiful designs will be issued, one from each state or territory. The designs appear on the reverse side of the coin; the obverse side still depicts George Washington….

(Full story here.)

I tend to focus on Fort Moultrie’s Civil War importance, but the fort which stood at that location during the Revolutionary War arguably was greater in terms of influence.  A state flag was derived from that action.

Fort Moultrie is one of the few places where visitors can consider military history from nearly every era of US history.  The post was active right up to the end of World War II in some shape or form.  As such it offers a unique location to interpret coastal defense (a somewhat overlooked and important component, historically speaking, to the national defense).  And for those not inclined to study the big guns, there is the story arch from Revolution to Secession and thence to reconciliation.



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