“Fighting for Freedom”: Marker dedication draws big crowd

Here was the view today as we dedicated and unveiled the Fighting for Freedom marker in Leesburg:


My rough count – over 200 people in attendance.  A number that is higher than almost every sesquicentennial event we’ve had in Loudoun County.  The only one I can recall with a larger attendance was the Balls Bluff reenactment.

This was significant in many ways.  We opened new public interpretation that highlights the service of African-Americans in the Civil War.  Before today, the only indications of that service were the veteran’s tombstones.  Now there is a marker pointing those out for visitors and residents alike.  That marker will serve the community as a focal point for discussing the African American experience during the Civil War… and I would add, this will be the first of more planned along that line.

When we look back at the sesquicentennial to assess the greater success or failure, I hope those making those judgments take into consideration events as we held today.  Is this not a good mark?


Published by Craig Swain

"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

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