Monocacy 150th: On the ground

I’m out early this morning to catch the tours at Monocacy.  The staff there has already been hard at work for the 150th – events started on Saturday.  Please check their Twitter Feed and Facebook Page for updates.  Great stuff going on there.

I’ll get in some tweets myself.  Haven’t seen what the hashtag of preference is.  But I’ll use #monoc150 in lieu of anything official.  I’ll also work in some photo updates here as time permits.

Crowd at the 7 am tour:



Fields where the morning skirmishes took place, 150 years ago.


Monocacy Junction:


Guns of Monocacy map? Well this Napoleon from Revere, the only authentic piece on the field for many years, has moved four times since 2000.


Glen Worthington’s view of the battle:



Monocacy River today:


Next, Thomas Farm:



One thought on “Monocacy 150th: On the ground

  1. Craig–

    You really are providing a service–I greatly appreciate your reports from the field. Here it is the 150th and /I’m not there . . . / With your photos and discussion, it does help those of us who are unable to go.

    Monocacy is one of my personal favorite sites; it does many things well, and its preservation continues.

    All the Best, Rich Gillespie Director of Education Mosby Heritage Area Association Post Office Box 1497 Middleburg VA 20118 (540) 687-5578–OFFICE (540) 822-4351–HOME Visit us on the web at “Preservation through Education”

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