Camouflage, 1864 style, by order of Schimmelfennig

File under “interesting” and “innovative,” I guess….

Hdqrs. Northern District, Dept. of the South,
Folly Island, S.C., May 29, 1864.
Col. William Gurney,
Commanding, Morris Island:

The scout-boats in the creeks and marshes of this command are fired upon by the enemy oftener than is necessary, showing that they are too easily seen by him. This should be avoided, both as needlessly exposing life and as defeating our object of observing without being observed. The officers in charge of such boats in the creeks and marshes will have them trimmed around with a sort of hedge or bushes, concealing the men within, and making the boat very difficult to distinguish from the grass of the marsh or the shrubbery of the islands.

By order of Brigadier-General Schimmelfennig:
E. W. Schauffler,
Lieutenant and Aide-de-Camp.

There are some who would contend that Schimmelfennig was a high practitioner in the art of concealment.

(Citations from OR, Series I, Volume 35, Part II, Serial 66, page 107.)


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