New Battle Apps for the 150ths – Overland and Atlanta Campaigns!

With the start of the 1864 sesquicentennial season, the Civil War Trust has released two new additions to their very successful Battle Apps seriesOverland Campaign and Atlanta Campaign.

I was able to use the former during some of the sesquicentennial events for the Wilderness and Spotsylvania earlier this month.

BattleApp 150 019

For those familiar with the other Battle Apps, the opening screen and navigation is familiar.  The overview section offers a good thumbnail sketch of the campaign. There are four tours offered with supporting media (photos and videos):

BattleApp 150 023

Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Anna, and Cold Harbor –  the major battles in the campaign and sites with sections preserved in state or national parks.

BattleApp 150 022

The tour stops and points of interest offer a wealth of information that even die-hard, long-serving battlefield stompers will find valuable.

The resources offered include a strategic overview, chronology (very hand for bloggers trying to live-tweet and keep their facts straight!), Confederate and Federal order of battle, key facts, a quiz, tour info and help, and a listing of other nearby attractions.

The order of battle is particularly powerful.  I made mention of this while tweeting from Spotsylvania.  This isn’t just a snapshot of one moment in time, but carries the evolution of command through the campaign.


Consider those different commanders, with the dates of their command changes indicated, as just one indicator of the intense, destructive combat occurring in the spring of 1864.

As with the other Battle Apps, I find the most useful component to be the maps.  And for a “campaign” the base map is broad scale … half the state of Virginia in the Case of the Overland Campaign.

BattleApp 150 020

Pinch zooming down within the boxes goes into a more detailed map.  And there you can select one of the many troop overlays that depict unit locations on specific dates and times – usually morning or afternoon phases.

BattleApp 150 021

If you are actually on the battlefield, tap “GPS” and your location is shown with a blue dot.


I haven’t gotten to try the Atlanta Campaign app out in the field yet.  But it promises to be just as useful.

BattleApp 150 024

It comes with three tours –

BattleApp 150 028

Complete with a similar set of resources and supporting media.

BattleApp 150 027

The map is likewise… huge!  All of Northern Georgia!

BattleApp 150 025

And pinch zooming brings one down to tactical maps with troop displays.

BattleApp 150 026

Even the “metro area” of Atlanta – a lost battlefield if there ever was – is covered.


These apps are a welcome addition to my Civil War folder on the iPhone.  In particular, with the Overland Campaign matched up with the Petersburg App, we have the Virginia theater well covered.


And the Appomattox battle app is already out there.  The only things lacking are a March to the Sea and a Carolinas Campaign.  Wishful thinking on my part, perhaps.  But I know there are a couple more battle apps due out in the near future.


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