Continuing the Overland 150 at Spotsylvania

I’d intended to post a few more articles timed to the events 150 years ago at Spotsylvania.  But pressing family issues have me away from the field and pull my thoughts elsewhere.  So for the Assault on the Mule Shoe Salient’s 150, I find myself as many do – watching from afar.

The Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania NMP twitter feed is buzzing with “dispatches” from the field. My friends Ron Baumgarten and Robert Moore have the “Blogger’s Twitter Baton” today – each tweeting or posting to Facebook actively. I’ll try to repost as time permits.

I did managed to make the eight-mile (which was actually more like six and a fraction) earthwork hike yesterday.  We covered a wide loop from the Federal positions on the Sixth Corps line…

Spotsylvania 150 049

… all the way over the Heth’s Salient on the eastern edge of the park.

Spotsylvania 150 070

But today the focus is rightly on the middle of the field, at the Bloody Angle:

Spotsylvania 150 053

Spotsylvania 150 061

Much to consider.

Published by Craig Swain

"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “Continuing the Overland 150 at Spotsylvania

  1. First photo looks a lot like my backyard. I do have a long trench back among the pine trees. One day, I am going to get a metal detector and see what I can find out there.

    1. I’m not in favor of just random metal detecting (or metal detecting for Civil War artifacts in general). If you really wish to know what is out there (and I presume these trenches are on your property), I’d inquire with a local college in regards to archeological investigations. The most important – let me stress that, most important – part of the artifact is context. Only by way of proper archeological work do we find that context. Otherwise, once the hole has been dug, the story is gone.

    2. Oh..I didn’t know. Well, certainly the land has remained untouched so far. The .75 acres behind our house is all natural…mostly oak and pine trees, leaves below and no grass. I have always been curious about the trench and what might have gone on back there (if anything).

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