Wilderness 150, day two – First Chapter for the Overland Campaign concludes

Yesterday, I attended all of the ranger led real-time hikes offered for the second day of the Wilderness 150th observances.  A rich day of history that now passes into my own personal “history” which I’ll remember fondly.  Here’s a few photos from what will become my sesquicentennial scrapbook, in the Wilderness Chapter – as we recalled the opening chapter of the Overland Campaign, 150 years before.

The first hike of the day covered Widow Tapp’s Field.  A few of the sights, as I cannot share the full sensation through the web:

Wilderness 150 014



Wilderness 150 025

Wilderness 150 031


The second hike of the day covered the ground used by Longstreet’s men making the flank attack on the Federal Second Corps.  At times the going was difficult, giving us an appreciation for the problems faced 150 years ago.

Wilderness 150 041

Wilderness 150 040

Wilderness 150 047


After a mid-day break, we started the third hike, covering familiar ground near the Brock Road/Plank Road intersection.  We had an “interactive” session during that hike.  Rangers Beth Parnicza and John Hennessy lined us up across the woods, asking us to advance as the Confederates would have at that time 150 years earlier.

Wilderness 150 059


The “formation” broke up after only a few strides.  We were an “undisciplined mob” and quickly brought back on the trail for more hiking!

Wilderness 150 061


The last hike of the day went to the other end of the battlefield, to look at Gordon’s Flank Attack.   The crowd did not thin despite the late hour:

Wilderness 150 066I didn’t get many photos for this last hike.  After 14 hours, my phone was running on those last heartbeats.

So from 6 AM until 8 PM, we walked the fields of the Wilderness.  We covered many miles of ground.  All of it well interpreted by the staff from Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania NMP.  I’m looking forward to the next round at Spotsylvania, which kicks off tomorrow.  Please do follow along on Twitter and Facebook!



One thought on “Wilderness 150, day two – First Chapter for the Overland Campaign concludes

  1. Thanks’ for letting me be there in spirit! Looks like a great day and a great crowd. I can’t join the campaign in person until June but welcome your posts!

    As usual, the NPS staff is awesome!

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