Wilderness 150 – some photos from the first day

I’d been waiting for Monday, May 5 all winter.  The first day of “real time” hikes over the Wilderness was superb.  The staff at Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania seem to step it up a notch with every 150th!

A few photos of the crowd at Saunders Field for the afternoon hike:

Wilderness 150 226

Wilderness 150 225

Wilderness 150 234

Later we hiked along the south side of the Orange Plank Road, up to the intersection of Brock Road. This is, if I have my facts straight, a new trail setup in recent years. Here’s how it looks before the tour:

Wilderness 150 245

And during the tour:

Wilderness 150 249

Excellent management by the park staff handling an extremely large group over what would be a difficult area to move around, much less offer a program!

The experiences throughout were rich.  We looked across the fields where the 140th New York charged; walked where Shelton’s guns were captured; stood where the Vermont Brigade defended in, and then assaulted through, the Wilderness; we discussed Lane’s North Carolinians and their predicament at sunset of the first day of battle…. and all at 150 years to the hour, if not the minute, from the time these things happened!

The park has many, many photos posted, in album format, to their Facebook page.

If you can’t be at the battlefield today, browse over there and throw down a few likes.

Today I’m out early – sunrise tour at Widow Tapp’s and from there back-to-back hikes.  Will be a long, and enjoyable day.  I’ll post on Twitter and Facebook, if you want to follow along.


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