Cannons on the Wilderness Battlefield

Today I’m off to the Wilderness Battlefield and will hit the trails for the real-time tours offered by the Park Service. As I’ve done for the other 150ths, here’s a bit for those who won’t be able to tour the battlefield in person today – Wilderness by cannons:

There’s not a lot of guns on the Wilderness battlefield. The battle is not known as a big artillery fight.  But there were several episodes in the battle where artillery played a role.  In fact, Colonel Charles S. Wainwright’s guns were at the fore, with a few of them becoming much fought over prizes, on May 5, 1864.  Yet, there are just a few artillery pieces on the Wilderness battlefield:  Two James Rifle (altered to look like a Napoleons), a 6-pdr field gun (also altered to false Napoleon standards), two 12-pdr field howitzers, and a 42-pdr seacoast gun which serves as a memorial for General Alexander Hays.

Wilderness 24 Nov 12 380

Wilderness 24 Nov 12 408

Wilderness 24 Nov 12 439

Widow Tapp 16 Feb 08 181

Brock_Plank 16 Feb 08 166

I’ll take up tweeting from the events today as we return to the park for real-time tours. Plan to use the #overland150 and #Wilderness150 hash tags if you want to follow. If you are out at the events, look me up.


One thought on “Cannons on the Wilderness Battlefield

  1. I was at the Spotsylvania Courhouse for the reenactments this past weekend (May 4 and 5). I took a lot of photos and posted some on my website. It was an amazing event! I had never heard a cannon shot before….it even made the horses jump a little.

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