On to the Wilderness! 150th Events starting the Overland Campaign

Though it amounts to re-posting something I posted earlier in the winter, I do want to bring mention the events kicking off this weekend at the Wilderness and continuing through the month of May at Spotsylvania.  Since that earlier post, the National Park Service has added more details to the listings.  The full list of activities, running from May 3 and concluding on May 26 (Memorial Day) is available on the Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania website.

However, let me also echo the posting from the park staff on Mysteries and Conundrums blog.  There are some events going to seldom seen portions of the park that are worth a little added emphasis.

If you are “on the fence” about attending, please follow that link and take a minute to consider those events.  Hikes and ranger led tours over some “off the beaten path” areas of these battlefields (which, oh, by the way, are themselves the “off the beaten path” sections of the more heavily toured Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville battlefields).

If you are already planning to attend, then let me repeat what the staff wrote over there on Mysteries and Conundrums – “There is much more than this going on. We hope to see you. And if you do come, announce yourselves. We would love to meet you.”  I’m planning time off from work to make as many of these events I can.  So by all means, let’s meet and greet!

In addition to this blog, I will be using my Twitter page (the hashtag in use is #Overland150),  Facebook page, and Tumblr feed to post activities.  I may even Reddit, if the staff over there allows me spamming!  So if you are not able to attend, then throw down a “like” or a comment or a re-tweet, so as to virtually “meet and greet!”

And before “leaving” on this Overland Campaign, I have a few more posts about the Winter Encampment of 1864 to complete.  Good stuff.  I promise!


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