Ranges around Charleston harbor from Fort Putnam

I intended to post this map last week along with the description of the 3rd Rhode Island Heavy Artillery’s bombardment of Charleston.  The map illustrates the azimuth and range recorded to selected targets around the harbor:


The map, from Major-General Quincy Gillmore’s report, provides a set of range rings in Charleston which also use Fort Putnam as a center.  Those ranges are:

  • Effective – 8140 yards
  • Annoying  – 8550 yards
  • Extreme Range – 9120 yards

Those ranges are in addition to that provided in the regimental history:


As mentioned as a note in the earlier post, I think the range to Battery Lamar is a transcription error.  8500 yards is a more realistic measure.  I’m not certain as to the shipyard referred to for “Ram on the stocks.”  I suspect it was on the Cooper River side of the harbor.

The engagement ranges at Charleston were among the longest of any battle during the Civil War.  And these were almost daily exchanges of fire from the war’s heaviest guns and mortars.


5 thoughts on “Ranges around Charleston harbor from Fort Putnam

  1. Craig, I will soon announce a nation-wide fundraising campaign among your many, many friends to buy you a home in Charleston on the Battery. I am certain that in the end we will be successful–and that you will be happy.

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