The Charleston Museum’s “Weaponry Wednesday” on Tumblr

The Charleston Museum ranks among Charleston, South Carolina’s treasured historical resources.  I list it among the “must see” stops for any tour of Charleston.  That’s saying a lot, since as you know there are a lot of things to see in Charleston.

The museum has always been active with social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Flickr).  Recently they expanded out to Tumblr, including photos from their collection.  The Tumblr feed is not just a bunch of random artifact pictures.  Rather they are presenting weekly series – “Textile Tuesday” and  “Ephemera Friday.”

Wait… this isn’t Craig’s Frilly Fashion blog.  This is To the Sound of the Guns!  We want to look at “Weaponry Wednesday!”

That’s more like it!  Maynard Carbine from Massachusetts Arms Company, Chicopee, Massachusetts (where they knew how to make guns, back in the day).

The carbine was made in 1857.  The weapon was designed by Dr. Edward Maynard, a New York Dentist.  The paper primer worked fine, until it got damp.

But this is “To the Sound of the Guns” and you came her for artillery stuff, right?

Ah… yes… A Parrott incendiary shell, in fact one fired by Federals into Charleston during the war.

The museum has posted other artillery artifacts in the feed, including some from outside the Civil War period:

This is a Spanish ammunition chest dating to the Spanish-American War.

Great stuff on the museum’s Tumblr feed.  As the museum is full of fascinating artifacts, I recommend this as a weekly stop for your Civil War browsing.

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"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

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