150 years ago: Lee recommends a promotion for Mosby

Always nice when the boss provides positive recommendations up the chain:

Headquarters Army of Northern Virginia,
January 21, 1864.
Hon. James A. Seddon,
Secretary of War:
SIR: During the past year Major Mosby, of the Partisan Rangers, has been very- active in harassing the rear of the Federal army operating in Northern Virginia. He is zealous, bold, and skillful and with very small resources has accomplished a great deal. I beg leave therefore to recommend his promotion to be lieutenant-colonel under the act approved April 21, 1862, authorizing the President to commission such officers as he may deem proper, with authority to form bands of partisan rangers, in companies, battalions, or regiments. I do this in order to show him that his services have been appreciated, and to encourage him to still greater activity and zeal.

I inclose two reports of his operations since January 1. Besides these two attacks there have been two others, the reports of which have not reached me. You will see that he has commenced the new year with considerable zeal.
I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant,

R. E. Lee,  General.

No question that John S. Mosby was resourceful, imaginative, and bold – certainly deserving of the accolades put forward by Lee.  And I doubt many would say a promotion was not in order.   Heck, in time even the Little Mouse would take notice:

However, consider this recommendation came just a little more than a week after Mosby’s defeat at Loudoun Heights.  Mosby, while formidable, was not invincible.

(Citation from OR, Series I, Volume 33, Serial 60, page 1113.)


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