My vote for the best of the 2013 sesquicentennials: Ranger Young at Snodgrass Hill

I was not able to make the Chickamauga 150th this year.  My participation was simply watching and retweeting/reposting from others who were at the fore.  Mostly “wish I was there” activity.  But watching this video, featuring Ranger Chris Young at the 150th events at that battlefield, I felt goosebumps.

Powerful and moving.

In my opinion, this was most inspiring and memorable part of a year full of outstanding sesquicentennial events.  And trust me, there were a lot of those such events in 2013.

Special shout out also to the fellow who mixed the video.

2 thoughts on “My vote for the best of the 2013 sesquicentennials: Ranger Young at Snodgrass Hill

  1. excellent! I’ve been to some great 150th events but I agree this one sends chills up my spine! Its hard to imagine this country sacrificing like it did during WW2 again much less the civil war! I never realized to toll of Chickamauga before this year. It seems like many of the western battles, Chickamauga, Stones River and Shiloh were stand up slugfests!

  2. […] For the most part, our “cannon ball” Civil War parks have a distinct, apparent purpose.  The parks were created to preserve sites of great conflict, so as to offer places of reflection as we try to understand our country’s past.  Can’t say that religious tones reach the “Lincoln-level” on those battlefields.  At the same time, when I think about the long tried argument  – “what about the monuments which were not there during the battle?” – there is some resonance.  And at the same time, I could well use that same canard with the same resonance to argue against promoting new monuments on the battlefields.  There’s a lot to be said for the context of those historical resources, particularly names on a memorial. […]

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