Case Shot – cannons in the news

A trio of stories from recent weeks featuring Civil War cannons.

A Civil War field piece in Walnut Grove, Missouri has a new carriage and new display.  Locals donated money to restore the gun and relocate it in front of the high school. The gun itself is a 12-pdr Confederate Napoleon from Augusta.  The article details a quaint postwar history of the gun.  The Napoleon was a fixture in the community for some time, sitting on a concrete base.  Nearby Wilson’s Creek Battlefield donated a surplus carriage.  However I am perplexed by “the battles of Chattanooga and Chappaqua.”

Mexia, Texas boasts a 3-inch Ordnance Rifle nicknamed “Old Val Verde.”  Confederates captured the gun during the battle of Mansfield, Louisiana, afterwords it served in the Val Verde Battery.  So this is a gun with a good wartime story to tell.  The gun is on the Confederate Reunion Grounds State Historic Site.  This month the site formally opened a new plaza featuring the gun.

Moving back east with an update of sorts on the guns recovered from the cargo ship Philadelphia.   Recovery teams have brought up another 10-inch Columbiad from the wreck, which lies off Murrells Inlet, South Carolina.  The article suggests the columbiad may find a home at Fort Johnston.  Would be a fitting return for a gun that likely defended Charleston during the war.

Oh, and there are nineteen cannon still with the wreck.  Will be interesting to see how many can be salvaged and recovered for display.

(Photo credits: Cedar County Republican; The Mexica News; The State Port Pilot. )

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"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

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