The Artilleryman Magazine Summer 2013 Issue

The Summer 2013 edition of the Artilleryman came out in June. But I’ve had a busy June, July, and August. So better late than never, I guess!

Featured articles in this issue include:

  • Wiard Rifles – An accounting of orders for Norman Wiard’s steel field guns, by Steven W. Knott. We’ve looked at some of those recently here on my blog.
  • Norfolk Light Artillery Blues – A profile of a reenacting group which portrays a unit who’s history dates back to 1828. The unit is observing their 25th year on the reenacting circuit.
  • This month’s “What is it?” seeks information on a pair of 32-pdr shell guns of 45 cwt. Both are located in New Hampshire.
  • Ohio Artillery Show – report from the Mansfield, Ohio show. The displays included several original Civil War pieces.
  • Texas Twin Sisters – Mark Lardas offers the history behind two guns used in the Texas War of Independence. He offers some leads on locating these lost field pieces.
  • British Demi-Culverin – Some 17th century artillery for you. Gary Brown discusses the excavation and preservation of this rare cannon and it’s mounting at the Commissioner’s House at the Royal Navy Dockyard, in Bermuda.
  • Jomini and Napoleonic Artillery – An essay by Major Daniel S. Roper connecting Antoine Henri Domini to Napoleon’s use of artillery.
  • Photo report – An 18th century 6-pdr Armstrong gun at the gates of a refinery in Hong Kong.
  • Photo report – Rifled cannon match during the NSSA’s 127th National Competition showing an original 3.8-inch James Type II in action.

The book review section offers a twist. This month’s slate are reviews written in the 1890s about books published at that time. Interesting to see how contemporaries viewed what we consider “sources” today:

  • “A Course of Instruction in Ordnance and Gunnery, 2nd Edition.” by Captain Henry Metcalfe, 1891.
  • “A Textbook on Ordnance and Gunnery.” by Captain Lawrence L. Bruff, 1896.
  • “Handbook of Light Artillery,” by Alexander B. Dyer, 1896.

In the editor’s notes, Kathryn Jorgensen offers two pages of notes and news related to artillery.

You can’t get the Artilleryman at the news stand, only at the website:

2 thoughts on “The Artilleryman Magazine Summer 2013 Issue

  1. The city of Cincinnati (where I live) sent the twin sisters to Texas. A grateful Texas built a memorial in Cincinnati and part of this memorial includes what is supposed to be the twin sisters. I am curious what the article says.

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