Does this work? Key for photos on Morris Island

About halfway through the posts on Morris Island, I realized the need to “show” the reader where I presumed the photo was taken.  After all, someone will give the high-resolution files another look and pick out details I missed.  All the more reason to start the conversation about exactly what is in frame.  So I’ve started a set of key maps to document my thoughts as to the camera locations.  Here’s my take on the second parallel photos:


The blue octagons are the locations of the camera.  Or at least by my reasoning.  The blue lines indicate the frame of view in the photo.  The links below correspond to the labels:

There are a few more photos of Battery Brown I have in the queue to discuss, so those labels will go in later.

So, what do you think?  From a presentation standpoint, does this work?  Are the graphics about the right size, or should I go with a “pinpoint” spot?  Please drop a note in the comments below.  I’ll finish up with the other key maps in turn.