Chancellorsville 150: A bit of the second day’s activities

I’d intended to get some “live blogging” updates into yesterday’s post.  But with few bars received on the cell phone, I opted to avoid the “upload and dash” approach.   John Hennessy puts the blame on the successful NPS campaign to prevent placement of cell towers. As a school trained Army Signal Officer, I’m apt to make up some excuse about the iron in the soil around Catherine’s Furnace… and effects associated with sunspots.  Either way, total failure on the live blogging means I’ll offer up some of the scenes from yesterday’s tours for today’s post.

Eric Mink leading half (yes, that is just half of the tour group) assembled for the first afternoon tour – Catherine’s Furnace.

Chancellorsville150 05 02 003

The Unfinished Railroad of Chancellorsville:

Chancellorsville150 05 02 008

Frank O’Reilly speaking at the start of the Flank Attack Tour:

Chancellorsville150 05 02 012

NPS staff and volunteers adjusted quickly to the large number of attendees:

Chancellorsville 150 051

The tour group snakes up a ridge line during the Flank Attack Tour:

Chancellorsville 150 056

At the Hawkins Farm, Frank O’Reilly noted the group was “regimental size”:

Chancellorsville150 05 02 018

For the Flank Attack tour, we visited several locations that are on private property and others that are rarely visited. One was the location where Colonel Adolphus Buschbeck’s brigade attempted to hold against the Confederate onslaught:

Chancellorsville 150 064

An even larger crowd to observe the anniversary of the wounding of Stonewall Jackson:

Chancellorsville 150 066

I don’t have the photo equipment to capture good night scenes. And some thermal image would not be proper for a Civil War blog, right? But I did manage one fuzzy photo of the lanterns along the Mountain Road:

Chancellorsville 150 073

I’m back off to the fields this morning. More tweets and updates…


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