11th Massachusetts Infantry at Gettysburg: A monument restored

Back in February 2006, a night of vandalism left three Gettysburg monuments damaged – the 4th New York Independent Battery at the Devils Den, 11th Massachusetts Infantry along Emmitsburg Road, and the 114th Pennsylvania Infantry near the Peach Orchard.

The park repaired the 114th Pennsylvania first. I’m not certain how quickly, but it was restored by the time I entered the memorial into HMDB in 2009. With the bronze statue broken up and parts missing, the 4th New York Artillery required more work. That monument was not restored until December 2011. And finally, seven years and a couple months later, the 11th Massachusetts is set right.

Up to the second week of April this year, the memorial looked like this:

GB 21 Feb 303

Notice the missing cap and flat appearance of the top.

Restored, to its original appearance, the monument sports an arm wielding a sword.

04 21 13 013

You can see the cracks and filler remaining as scars from the vandalism.

GB 21 Apr 13 114

The Gettysburg National Park blog has photos showing the repair work. (An earlier post has photos of the damage done in 2006 along with how the arm was recreated.) At the time the vandalism took place, estimates were over $60,000 for repairs. I’ve not seen the final bill for all the repairs.


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