Blazing a trail to where Sherman blazed Atlanta: Georgia Civil War Heritage Trails

Marker news this morning.  The Atlanta Campaign is a year out in terms of sesquicentennial, but there are efforts in Georgia to provide new interpretation for the sites related to the campaign in advance of the anniversary.

The Georgia Civil War Heritage Trails system is populating it’s Atlanta Campaign trail complete with new wayside markers and trail blazes.  The current listing on the website includes over forty existing or projected marker locations.  The waysides offer a modern layer of interpretation.  And I would stress “layers.”  Older markers that one may encounter while touring include some Works Progress Administration projects, state markers (excellent considering their time and purpose), and other localized series.

The Atlanta Campaign trail also touches upon some of the Chickamauga Campaign sites (a “this year” sesquicentennial).  But it is unclear to me if a similar Chickamauaga Campaign Heritage Trail is part of the Atlanta Campaign series, or just overlapping.  However I don’t think the two series are competing at the sites, and we won’t see a proliferation of markers.

I would also note the Georgia Civil War Heritage Trails is a part of a three-state Civil War Heritage Trails program.  This program is NOT linked with the Civil War Trails system that covers Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.  I’m not in tune with why different systems exist, nor care much about the reasons.  While I’ve transcribed or reviewed hundreds of Civil War Trails markers, I’ve not seen many of the Heritage Trails markers of yet.  So I cannot comment if there is any difference with the content portrayal between the series.

I’m just glad the sites are getting attention with new interpretation with better visualizations that come with modern waysides.  And at the same time, I’m eager to see how the March to the Sea sites are interpreted (with memories of many a summer road trip seeding my preferences).