150 Years Ago: Kelly’s Ford

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the battle of Kelly’s Ford. I’ll be out on the battlefield most of today, involved with a couple of activities looking back at the battle. So treat this as a “live blogging” placeholder. I’ll post photos as time (and bandwidth) permits.

My pal Don has hinted at a St. Patrick’s Day post on his Regular Cavalry in the Civil War blog. So please check his site.

Looking at the ford site, 150 years ago to the morning:

Kelly's Ford 011

The markers that once stood on the “Yankee” side of the Rappahannock now stand on the southern end.  Not as easy to visualize the actions from this point, but safer to stop.

Kelly's Ford 014

Where the “Gallant” Pelham fell:

Kelly's Ford 021

The new interpretive site on the north end of the battlefield:

Kelly's Ford 022

Looking south towards Carter’s Run and the location of the closing actions of the battle:

Kelly's Ford 033

And we did have our coffee on hand to toast the men who fought in the battle:

Kelly's Ford 034