Kelly’s Ford Sesquicentennial and Interpretive Site Dedication

The 150th anniversary of the Battle of Kelly’s Ford is just a few days away.  And just in time for that date, a new interpretive site has gone up on ground preserved at the end of last year.  The site will be part of the Virginia Civil War Trails system.  The spot is just off Newby’s Shop Road, overlooking ground now covered by a preservation easement.

The event is scheduled for Sunday March 17 at 2:30-3:15 pm, roughly 150 years to the hour when the fighting occurred at the site.


While the focus of this event is to recall and consider the events that took place 150 years ago, it will also mark the formal opening of this new interpretive site.  The site came together with contributions from the land owner and several local businesses. The additional interpretation will aid those visiting the site, going a long way to aid understanding the 1863 battle.

At the event, the folks who organized and promoted the new interpretive site will recognize those donors who helped bring this to a reality.  A representative from the Civil War Trust will also speak.  In addition, I will be speaking about the closing stages of the battle and on the importance of Kelly’s Ford.

If you plan to attend, please contact me (comment or email is fine).  The event organizer needs a headcount, and I’ll make sure you are counted.

Oh… and bring some coffee with you!  We shall have our toast!


2 thoughts on “Kelly’s Ford Sesquicentennial and Interpretive Site Dedication

  1. Many thanks, Craig, for helping the Civil War Trust, generous landowners, battlefield preservationists, and area citizens to arrange such a wonderful celebratory event.

    This vital easement, as facilitated by CWT–and assisted by the Virginia Department of Historic Resources–protects in perpetuity an especially important section of the Kelly’s Ford Battlefield, and it is indeed fitting we not only commemorate the 150th anniversary of the battle, but that we also appropriately recognize those committed souls, businesses and agencies who labored together to create this important interpretive center.

    It is noted with pleasure that this expansive interpretive platform provides the visiting public a lofty, impressive view of a crucial portion of this great battlefield that witnessed heavy casualties–and which has never before been opened to the public, nor interpreted with historic signage and markers.

    I sincerely hope and expect that many of your esteemed readers will join with you and others who care about saving our battlefields to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the Kelly’s Ford battlefield on March 17 by gathering at our new interpretive sight. They will all be both impressed and gratified, I am certain..

    Congratulations to the wonderful Woodward family; their hard working representative, Jamie Craig; the Civil War Trust; DHR; Virginia Civil War Trails; and all others who worked to create this amazing success story.

    Clark B. Hall

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