In the April issue of Civil War Times: Find Stonewall Jackson’s Arm and Island No. 10

April-13-CWT-200The April issue of Civil War Times is out at the periodical sections of your local store. Several great articles by authors of note, to include Robert K. Krick, Harold Holzer, Sarah Richardson, Jamie Malanowski, fellow blogger Chris Mackowski, and yours truely.

Chris’s article considers the lingering question about Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson’s amputated arm, which may or may not still be buried at Ellwood Manor.

My article, also explores an artifact of the Civil War long buried – Island No. 10 on the Mississippi River. I discussed activities at Island No. 10 last year, here at To the Sound of the Guns, on the Civil War Monitor Blog, and for the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial blog, around the 150th anniversary of that often overlooked campaign. For the Civil War Times article, I focused a bit more on the changes to the landscape around that battlefield to include the “movements” of the island with time. Dana Shoaf and the staff at the magazine deserve much credit translating some of my scribbled maps into coherent illustrations.

So you want to locate Island No. 10? Find out if Jackson’s arm is still buried in the Wilderness? Get a copy of the April edition of Civil War Times.