150 years ago: A privateer meets an untimely end on the Ogeechee

The steamer Nashville came to a fiery end on this day in 1863. The ship began her career as the US Mail Steamer Nashville doing service between New York and Charleston. In that capacity on April 11, 1861 she entered Charleston harbor (having been fired on by the USRC Harriet Lane in the process). AfterContinue reading “150 years ago: A privateer meets an untimely end on the Ogeechee”

A lost gun at Chalk Bluff on the St. Francis

A long time back, I wrote about the battle of Chalk Bluff on the St. Francis River at the Arkansas-Missouri border. Since that battle occurred close to my boyhood home, it has always been a favored research topic. Even if scant resources exist for that nearly forgotten battle. As I mentioned in the earlier posts,Continue reading “A lost gun at Chalk Bluff on the St. Francis”

Tactical Exercise: Analysis of yesterday’s “game”

First off, yesterday’s exercise went over better than I expected.  Thanks to everyone who commented and voted.  I’ll have to do more of such exercises. Now what about the placement of those guns? Of the responses, about a third preferred to put cannons on the flanks (positions 4 and 7).  Of the reset, the secondContinue reading “Tactical Exercise: Analysis of yesterday’s “game””