150 Years Ago: Capture of the USS Isaac Smith

I’m running a bit behind again on today’s post.  Furthermore, this is another “over there” post.

One hundred and fifty years ago this afternoon, Confederates ambushed and captured the Federal gunboat USS Isaac Smith.  In observance of that event, today’s post is a cross posting over at the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial blog.

Yes, I do have a special fondness for the Civil War activity in those low country marshes.

Artist's impression of the capture of USS Isaa...
Artist’s impression of the capture of USS Isaac Smith in the Stono River, South Carolina, 1863. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

12 thoughts on “150 Years Ago: Capture of the USS Isaac Smith

    • Rich, DANFS is silent on the origin of the name. But the Isaac Smith was originally named Isaac P. Smith in commercial service. She was launched in 1853. I’ve always figured that date rules out the connection to John Brown. There were a couple of political figures who bore that name and “Isaac P. Smith, early contractor and master builder” from New Albany, Indiana.

  1. […] Those troops remained on Folly Island and extended the “beachhead” out to nearby Coles Island and Long Island. Recall back in March Confederate commanders desired those same islands as leverage to close off any access to James Island. The very presence of Federal picket lines at those points touched on a sore point in the Confederate defenses. This left the Stono River open for Federal gunboats (with some risk of course). […]

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