The Artilleryman Magazine Winter 2012 Issue

The Winter 2012 issue of the Artilleryman mailed out late last month. Featured articles include:

  • Report from the “Artillery Though the Ages: 400 Years of Artillery Development” held in April 2012 at Colonial National Historical Park, Yorktown, Virginia. The exhibition featured a wide array of artillery from colonial, early American, and the Civil War eras. Nearby Fort Eustis sent over a 75mm pack howitzer demonstration team representing the 20th century artillery.
  • An article and photos examining the USS Cairo exhibit at Vicksburg.
  • Making Civil War Events Authentic: Bringing Back Horse-Drawn Artillery” by Steve Cameron. An outstanding account of how author Steve Cameron provisioned authentic living-history artillery teams.
  • A good study of the “Oregon” gun, the companion to the infamous “Peacemaker” that exploded on the USS Princeton in 1844.
  • Trip report looking at the artillery collection at Spandau Citadel in Berlin, Germany.

Book reviews from Peter A. Frandsen include:

  • Civil War Rockets“, by Dr. Thomas Power Lowry.
  • US Field Artillery in World War II: 1941-45“, by Paul Gaujac.
  • U.S. Field Artillery of World War II“, by Steven Zaloga.
  • Des Cannons et des Hommes“, by Patrick Mercier. A French history of artillery.
  • Long Range Guns, Close Quarter Combat: The Third United States Artillery Regiment in the War of 1812“, by Dr. Richard V. Barbuto.
  • Ships and Guns: The Sea Ordnance in Venice and Europe Between the 15th and the 17th Centuries“, edited by Carlo Beltrame and Renato Ridella.

Only one page of editor’s notes and letters are included in the front of the issue. Also in this issue is the answer to the Fall issue’s “What is it?” question – it was a French 58mm No. 2 Trench Mortar.

One other notice worthy of mention – Robinson’s Battery of Battle Creek, Michigan is requesting donations to support their trip to Gettysburg in July.


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