Battlefields in Motion: Fort Moultrie

Charleston, South Carolina will soon return to our Civil War Sesquicentennial stream.  In our queue are the anniversaries of the events such as the Confederate ironclad sortie, the Federal ironclad assault on Fort Sumter, and the siege of Battery Wagner.  That in mind, any new resources for the “battlefield” at Charleston are welcome additions.

The team at Battlefields in Motion have put together a very useful resource offering a detailed study of Fort Moultrie – an important component of the Charleston battlefield.  Pages covering the pre-war period in the fort’s history are posted, along with several good articles on the artillery that armed the fort.  As are a set of videos:

Also useful for those “looking back” are a set of stills based on the CGI from the videos.  These allow a reader to look back in time at a fort which has undergone so many transformations over the years.

A good link to bookmark.  Many thanks to the Battlefield in Motion crew, and keep up the good work!