MHAA has preservation in mind for Loudoun Valley

Switching to local news here in Northern Virginia. From Leesburg Today:

Effort To Preserve Middleburg Cavalry Battlefields Advances

The Mosby Heritage Area Association has embarked on the second phase of its effort to protect the area in which the Civil War cavalry battles of Aldie, Middleburg and Upperville were fought in June 1863.

The timing is right, MHAA President Childs Burden said, noting the year 2013 marks the Sesquicentennial (150th) anniversary of those battles.

To date, the organization has been almost entirely focused on education, Burden said, seeking to increase appreciation of the historic assets of the four-county Northern Virginia Piedmont area. But, as part of a broadening grassroots effort to protect those assets, the MHAA board is working to secure conservation easements on the battlefields. That is part of ongoing dialogue with landowners to show “the importance of what they’ve got,” Burden said….

(Full story here)

Earlier this year MHAA received a $41,000 grant from the National Park Service which will go towards developing a community based preservation plan. The plan is a cornerstone these new efforts by MHAA. As the article goes on to say:

Now the focus is on writing the preservation plan to protect the area and to work with landowners to secure easements. While the core area is just over 6,000, the entire study area is much larger—around 22,000 acres—covering the approaches to the battlefields and how the armies deployed. The plan also will provide a thorough inventory of the historic assets and their condition, and an assessment of how much the interpretative values have been impaired.

I will add that all things considered the sites related to the Loudoun Valley cavalry fights of 1863 retain a remarkably high level of integrity. Particularly when compared to some other Northern Virginia battle sites I could name.

Preservation and the sesquicentennial – we have a recurring theme.


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