Preservation win at Kelly’s Ford

In mid October, Civil War Trust opened a three-pronged campaign to lock in acres at the Kelly’s Ford, Sailor’s Creek, and Appomattox battlefields. The opportunity at Kelly’s Ford stood out for several reasons. Not only could we, in one action, lock in the core of a battlefield, this would also be the largest preservation effort by the Trust in its 25 year history. With 964 acres, the Kelly’s Ford acquisition could be the largest accomplished by the modern preservation movement.

Well on Saturday, I received notice that the Trust had indeed reached their fund raising goals. Remarkably, within two months, we reached the $82,548 required. That section of yellow may now be moved over to the “preserved” column.

I propose we celebrate this victory…. not now, but on March 17, 2013. Let us enjoy a coffee at the location where General William Averell left a sack of coffee for General Fitz Lee. Now that would be a sesquicentennial moment, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Preservation win at Kelly’s Ford

  1. […] Just last week the Civil War Trust closed on their goals for preserving a large (the largest ever in the modern preservation movement) tract of land at Kelly’s Ford. As many of you know, much of the ground contested on March 17, 1863 was again battleground on June 9 of that same year during the battle of Brandy Station. Well now there’s more good news for Brandy Station. Yesterday the Civil War Trust announced they’d secured a contract on Fleetwood Hill: […]

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