Leaving Las Vegas: The Civil War is never far away

I’m traveling home today after a week conference in Las Vegas. For the most part, other than a few “newsy” blog posts, my stay was Civil War free. I’d intended to visit one historic site during my stay, but time and logistics prevented my excursion. So you’ll have to settle for a WikiCommons photo:

We have several marker entries up on HMDB for the “Old Mormon Fort.”

The Mormons built the fort along the route to Los Angeles. While a formal “fort,” it did not have a permanent garrison. By the late 1850s the fort lay abandoned in the wake of the Mormon War. The fort was mentioned at times during the Civil War, as Federals planned operations. Had those plans come to fruition, the fort would have been called Fort Baker.

Yes, Edward Dickinson Baker who raised the “California Regiment” and died in the battle of Balls Bluff. (Now that I have Jim Morgan’s attention…)

Goes to prove that the Civil War shows up in all sorts of places. Just have to know where to look.

So while I failed to visit the Mormon Fort that might have become Fort Baker, at least this evening I will return to my “headquarters” not far from Balls Bluff.

Regular blog posting to resume shortly!


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