Formerly headless: Bridgeton memorial restored

In February, I wrote about vandalism of the Civil War memorial in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Here’s an update and the “Friday feel good” story:

Former headless Bridgeton Civil War statue to be rededicated over Veterans Day weekend

Restoration on the Civil War statue in Bridgeton City Park has been completed, following eleven months, the goodwill of many veterans and other donors, the skills of a specialist and several thousand dollars.

In commemoration of Veterans Day weekend, Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly will unveil and rededicate the monument on Saturday, Nov. 10 at 10 a.m. in Veterans Memorial Park on Mayor Aitken Drive.

“It’s taken the dedication and hard work of many people to undo the damage that was done by vandals last year, but it is a gratifying thing to see so many people come together and work together to restore our Civil War Monument,” Kelly said. “Bridgeton owes a great deal to veterans and supporters, both those in Bridgeton and some as far away as Florida, who made donations and gave of their time to make this restoration possible.”

Vandals removed the statue’s head on Dec. 6, 2011, and within days, offers of rewards for information leading to the arrest of those responsible were coming in from all quarters, both in Bridgeton and throughout the region.

Though no one has been charged in the case to date, 57 donors wound up contributing $11,520 toward the restoration work, which was carried out by Materials Conservation Collaborative, LLC. In addition to the repair work, city officials also used funds to provide lighting for the statue, both as a way to enhance the monument and also to serve as a deterrent to future vandalism of the statue.


“I am grateful to all who have stepped forward to not only offer reward money, but also to give of their time and talent to restore this monument,” said Kelly. “While I am loath to think that people could deface something dedicated to the men and their families representing Bridgeton in the Civil War, I have renewed confidence knowing so many care and came forward to help us get to this point.”

(Full Story here)

Huzzah! Well done!

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