Fredericksburg Sesquicentennial Schedule

The next major sesquicentennial event on my schedule is Fredericksburg (and the change of the header should be a clue). In an earlier post, I mentioned the park’s schedule of events. Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania spreads events across weekend and weekday dates, just as Manassas, Antietam, and Harpers Ferry did earlier this year.

Weekend activities start Friday, December 7 and run through Sunday, December 9. Featured events include “Kids on the Battlefield”, a children’s muster, and the Virginia Civil War Historymobile. Walking tours offered cover Chatham, downtown Fredericksburg, Marye’s Heights, the Slaughter Pen, and Jackson’s line. There is a lecture by Frank O’Reilly, covering the prelude to the battle, on Friday evening.

The “true” sesquicentennial observances start on Tuesday, December 11 with tours from Chatham focused on the pontoon bridge construction. Additional tours that day visit the city docks and sites of the fighting in town. A presentation on Wednesday discusses the Federal pillaging of Fredericksburg. On Thursday events cover the climactic phases of the battle, with tour routes over Prospect Hill and the Federal assaults on Marye’s Heights.

I do like the inclusion of family oriented activities on the weekends. As with the events at the other parks this year, these are more likely to draw the “just interested” folks. But of course, I’m drawn to the “at this time 150 years ago” activities scheduled for the weekdays.

Look for me on the field!