Even more battlefield apps! CWT releases Pettersburg Battle App

Earlier this month the Civil War Trust released their ninth mobile device battlefield app – this one scoped for Petersburg:


Included with the package – as with all the battlefield apps – are tour routes, videos, background information, and a wealth of resources.  Although designed to assist the user at the battlefield, the app is equally useful for those who wish they were at the battlefield (say… waiting at the DMV!).

Calling Petersburg “a battle” is somewhat misleading.  The proper nomenclature is “campaign” in which there are several battles across a long time-line.  This app captures that with stops at several battlefields (Beyond the Crater, if I may pull the line from Bruce’s blog).  The app includes orders of battle for June 1864 and March 1865.  The map, likewise, is campaign size, extending from the park visitor center south to Reams Station and then west to Five Forks.


Unlike other battlefield apps, with different overlays for troop locations at different phases of the battle, the Petersburg app offers trench-line locations.  These are shaded to offer the visitor an appreciation for which phase of the campaign the earthworks are related to.

The Petersburg app is another great addition in this lineup of Battlefield apps.  The Civil War Trust has the format down pat.  Aside from some minor issues I have which are more-so tied to the mobile platform, the only complaint I have is the coverage.  Of the nine, seven cover battefields in Virginia.  The other two – Antietam and part of Gettysburg – cover eastern battlefields.  But let’s not complain about the Trust.  These apps are collaborative productions.  So when will the other tourism departments get to “collaborating”?


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