The Artilleryman Magazine Fall 2012 Issue

The Fall 2012 edition of the Artilleryman is out this month. Featured articles include:

  • A look at six Brooke rifle projectiles recovered with the CSS Neuse which went through a conservation process.
  • The report from the 22nd Annual Grayling Match hosted by Loomis’ Battery up in Michigan. Lots of talk about real cannon firing!
  • An article detailing the Troup Artillery during the Antietam Campaign – particularly Crampton’s Gap and Harpers Ferry.
  • A study of an artillery fragment found in Antietam’s West Woods. Likely it came from a 12-pdr Napoleon of Lt. George Woodruff’s Battery I, 1st U.S. Artillery.
  • A look at a rare 3-inch Wiard Ordnance Rifle recently restored in Ripley, Ohio.

Non-Civil War related articles:

  • A couple of artillery identification requests. One photo is certainly a 58mm St. Etienne trench mortar from World War I. The other is a gunade, but of unknown origin.
  • A trip report reviewing artillery displayed on the island of Bermuda – 400 years of artillery.

Book reviews in this issue include:

  • “The Orleans Battery” Edited by Thomas Taber. Reviewed by Peter Frandsen. A history of the 17th N.Y. Battery.
  • “Artillery Hell: The Employment of Artillery at Antietam” by Curt Johnson and Richard Anderson, Jr. Also reviewed by Peter Frandsen.

Only one page of editor’s notes and letters are included in the front of the issue. Editor Kathryn Jorgensen provides a bit about “Lady Polk” from Columbus, Kentucky and some other bits.

Another issue with good reads from The Artilleryman.