Library of Congress launching a CW Blog

You know Civil War blogging has arrived when the Library of Congress starts their own blog. From the Washington Post:

Library of Congress to launch Civil War blog featuring historical figures in their own words

WASHINGTON — First-person accounts from the Civil War are being brought to life in a new blog that will feature the voices of Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant and others.

The Library of Congress announced Tuesday that it will launch the blog from diaries, letters and other writings pulled from its collection. It will chronicle the sacrifices and accomplishments of both North and South to accompany a major new exhibit, “The Civil War in America.”

The blog and exhibit both open Nov. 12.

More than 40 people will share Civil War stories in their own words. “Bloggers” will include Clara Barton, Stonewall Jackson and Walt Whitman. There will also be lesser-known figures, including Elizabeth Keckley, a former slave who became a dressmaker and confidante for Mary Todd Lincoln. (Original story here)

Yep… Civil War blogging is no longer some fad. We are legitimate now.

But I do hope the LOC staff realizes their “schtick” is well established. There’s a lot of “in their own words” blogs out there now. Now if they use the platform to bring out some new perspectives and seldom heard voices… then the blog will be eagerly anticipated in the RSS feeds. But if these are the same old letters and diaries… well it will be great for the neophytes and those writing book reports at least.

If it were me, I’d pull one totally random exhibit from the library each day. The writing assignment would be to explain the context of that exhibit and its historical significance. Might be hit or miss, but it sure would be fun to see it play out.


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