Historical Marker Database now on “Field Trip” app

For some time you could use the Historical Marker Databases’ internal “mobile” site and find markers near you. It is great when you want to know what markers are around the corner, or perhaps the one you just drove past. But what we’ve needed is something to reach out and grab you, maybe buzz your phone, when you pass near a marker.

That’s what Google’s “Field Trip” app for Andriod promises to do.

The video from Google is a bit flashy for me. I’d like to see some more practical screen shots rather than floating cards next to the dinosaurs. But here’s the promo, take it with my offered grain of salt:

The data within HMDB feeds into Google’s app. So depending on your settings, you’ll have a queue where the cataloged markers are located in your vicinity. It also allows for exploring about virtually. Maybe do some trip planning. Or simply live vicariously through the marker-hunters. Best of all, the price is right – Free.

Currently the app is only available for Andriod. But an iOS version is due out soon.

Published by Craig Swain

"Historical marker hunter" and Civil War enthusiast.

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